Replacing Pontoon Seats

Replacing the pontoon furniture and boat seats on a used pontoon boat is an affordable way to enjoy the water without having to buy a new pontoon boat.  Pontoon Stuff® can supply you with everything you need for your pontoon restoration.  We can offer you more quality and durability, at a better price because we design and manufacturer our DeckMate pontoon boat seats & furniture.  We also offer boat carpet and flooring for sale online as well the right parts and hardware you need for your project. 

Replacing Your Pontoon Furniture & Seats.

Most pontoon boat manufacturers do not build the furniture they install on their pontoon boats.  They also do not stock quantities of the pontoon seats used on their boats, instead they order or build their pontoon boat furniture for each boat.  Since most furniture layouts are unique in some way, finding exact replacement seating for your pontoon boat is impossible.  DeckMate replacement pontoon furniture and boat seats are designed to replace the furniture on your pontoon boat, giving you the most options at an affordable price.  Our pontoon boat seats & furniture can be installed on any brand of pontoon boat.  

It is important to know that you are not limited by the original interior layout on your pontoon boat.  When replacing the furniture & seats on a pontoon boat you have the ability to select a seating arrangement that fits your needs and budget.  Many used pontoon boats used basic bench seats to fill the deck space, our pontoon furniture can be used to duplicate an existing seat arrangement or create a new one to maximize the space on your pontoon boat.  Before you begin to purchase new pontoon boat furniture be sure to measure your deck space.  

Measuring For Pontoon Seats & Furniture.

Pontoon Layout Measurements

Measure for Pontoon Seating

Replacing old pontoon furniture is a great way to make your pontoon boat look brand new & modern. To order the correct pontoon seats, it is important to measure your available pontoon space properly. Once you determine your seating layout dimensions you can easily select the right sized seats.

Follow the checklist below to determine your dimensions. Fill in the boxes with your pontoon’s measurements and print as a quick reference when selecting your new seats.

Measurement Checklist

A.  Measure distance between Port and Starboard rails. (Most pontoon boats are 89″ to 93″ inside the fence railing)

B.  Measure distance between rear rail and side gate.C.  Measure distance between front rail and side gate.

NOTE: Measure inside of rails and account for rail support braces